We speak Bespoke

Think of tailor’s chalk marking fine outlines on a Cashmere and Wool fabric. A client taking 3 or 4 fittings to make sure the hand cut, hand sewn and hand finished Suit is cut to fit. That is ‘Bespoke’.

A suit that hangs on a rack albeit hand cut, and hand finished to a standard specification is ‘Hand-Made’.

Gent's Basted Suit

What’s the difference? The difference between these two processes is great. Why? It is because of you the customer. Let’s look at how this affects Jewellery.

A ‘hand-made’ Ring or other piece of Jewellery is just that. Made by hand. A Kabbalah bracelet is made by hand, as is a woven piece of leather gauntlet. A Platinum Band fashioned by hand on a Bench, polished by hand and finished by hand is also Hand-Made. Yet there may be thousands of hand-made pieces all readily available, in standard sizes.

Bespoke is however, an entirely different experience.

From conception and design, creation to finished piece it is ‘you’ that makes the bespoke process unique.

Like a tailored Suit, a bespoke piece should reflect the same principles. 

Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphire in Platinum

Take a look at your hands and fingers. Notice the knuckle, the length of your ring finger. Is it fleshier at a certain point? Is it entirely even from top to bottom? The answer will be different for everyone. You are unique, and so should your jewellery be unique.

When I talk Bespoke I speak about an exact measurement of your fingers, taking into consideration all the unique details about you. Do you require a comfort-fit band, what thickness and weight best fits your finger, how will we set the Stones, and how would you like the Ring to sit.

It is the small intricate details that make your piece unique to you.       

Along with the above you get Diamonds or Gems chosen by you. You get to choose colours, clarity, sizes and shapes. You get designs drawn and drafted, and ideas put down on paper.

We can talk about metals and finishes, styles and fashions, and get your ideal piece made just for you.

Your initial idea of a 1.00ct White Gold Solitaire will be just that. You wanted 6 claws, it will have that. You would like a ‘Tiffany’ style setting? You shall have that.

Clients 6 Claw Setting

But above all, while it looks to the world like a ‘Tiffany’ style 1.00ct Solitaire, there is one subtle difference. It is ‘your’ bespoke piece, and no one else in the World has one.

You have been measured for it. The band has been designed, made to fit and compliment you. The stones individually set, and the work completed by hand.

Clients 6 Claw Solitaire

This is the difference between ‘Bespoke’ and ‘Hand-Made’. It is significant.

I hope that cleared up any questions about the two types.

As always you can chat to me on Twitter:

Do feel free to leave a comment below. Questions always welcome.


  1. #1 by Maria Fusco on September 26, 2012 - 6:38 pm

    Michael Wall’s diamonds are a girl’s best friend !!!!

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