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Size matters. But why ‘weight’ for the best Gem

There is an issue that seems to be confusing people. That is Carat.

Carat is the ‘weight of a Diamond. It does not refer to dimension size. One Carat or 1ct weighs 200 milligrams.

Loose Spessartine

When I mention that a stone is 2.04ct or 3.15ct or 1.50ct I’m talking about weight. Not dimension size.

A 1.00ct Diamond with an ideal cut, will ‘measure’ approximately 6.40mm in diameter. That is the bit you see on top, the surface area of the stone.


Another point I must make. A 2.00ct Gem is ‘not’ twice the size of a 1.00ct Gem. It is twice the weight. Please do bear this in mind.

A 1.00ct will ‘measure’ approximately 6.40mm and a 2.00ct will ‘measure’ approximately 8.1mm. But a 2.00ct will ‘weigh’ twice as much.

Big is not better, as sacrifices are often made to accommodate and satisfy the need for dimension size.

Sapphires differ. Emeralds and all other Gems differ as they all have different specific gravity.

photo (18)

When I choose a Gem for you, I do so based on best cut grade, the optimum colour and clarity for the size and shape of your Gem.

For example I can put a 0.90ct Round with a 6.10mm size and ‘ideal cut’ beside a 1.00ct of 5.90mm with a lesser quality cut. The difference?


Does size matter?

Weight’ and see.

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Nothing more Intense

As May is upon us, it might be time to introduce one of the Worlds most treasured Gems. The Emerald.
Emeralds are one of the most fascinating Stones you are likely to see, and indeed own.

They are uniquely one of the oldest known to man, having being in existence for over 2000 million years.

Emerald is one of the Minerals found in the Beryl Family, along with Aquamarine and Helidor.

Pure Beryl is colourless.

It is traces of Chromium and Vanadium that create the Emerald Colour.

Emerald will occur in hues of Yellow and Blue.
However the primary Hue must be Green, the Yellows and Blues being of course Secondary.
The Tone of the Gem will also dictate whether or not it is classified as an Emerald.
Anything that exhibits light Tones will be classified as simply Green Beryl.

Emeralds are naturally included.

They will carry little fissures, inclusions and cracks, most of which will give the Stone its unique characteristic.

They are, if you like fingerprints of Nature. These distinguish each Emerald, giving a stone its unique personality. It clarifies the fact that they are truly unique Gemstones.

You only need to look at an Emerald with the naked eye, to appreciate its beauty.
Looking through the depth of the Stone you will notice it’s inclusions, referred to as the Garden or ‘jardins’. A tapestry of foliage that is evocative of lush greenery.

Emerald to many will symbolise Rebirth, Life, and Hope.

Emerald Mines exist all over the world, with some of the best originating from Africa and South America. Colombia is synonymous with Emerald Mining, and perhaps it is the mines of Muzo and Chivor that are most recognised.

The Emerald was highly revered by the Egyptians, Incas, and was one thought that the Roman Emperor Nero viewed the world through a gigantic Emerald Monocle. Of this fact, Pliny the Elder remarked,
‘nothing is more intense than the green of Emerald’ and that ‘sight is refreshed and restored by gazing upon this stone’.

Today Emeralds are quite popular, although not preferred compared with Diamonds,
Sapphires and Rubies. Partly due to the number of synthetics available and the inclusions that natural Emeralds exhibit. As with most other Stones Emerald is available in all types of Cut. Round, Princess and of course Emerald Cut.

If you are lucky enough to own one, cherish it. It is a spectacular example of Natures creation at its finest.

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